Medical Astrology and Diabetes

A Health Study


Above is the Placidus horoscope of a child diagnosed, at age 3, with Juvenile Diabetes. The child is insulin dependent. Solar Fire 4 gives Sagittarius rising at 16 degrees which the father confirms.

Disease Signature Score 324  Click to view data page.

In diabetes Venus rules the kidneys and moon rules pancreatic action / blood flow. Venus also symbolizes the child's blood sugar - glucose balance.

At first glance we might say the horoscope's health signatures appear normal- not so. Looking further we note VEN is conjunct *Algol 24 - 26 deg Tau, with TAU moon opposing a malefic, Pluto, which rules the horoscope's 12th house of chronic illness. With the sole exception of JUP the outer planets have no forward motion confirming her chronic condition.

Secondly- in cases of endemic dis-ease we look to the Sagittarius fire sign mutable Asc. at
16 degrees. This degree becomes the chart's "MAP" - Most Affected Point. Jupiter in Cancer, while opposing Neptune in Capricorn, rules the rising sign and the MAP degree. As Jupiter moves so does the disease progressing by future aspects. Jupiter in Cancer = water.
Neptune in Capricorn = protein needs and assimilation, an increase in infection.

With both JUP & Chiron at the same MAP there's a reflection of increased internal injury, and perhaps, injury to the feet, a diabetic's constant companion. JUP/ Chiron opposes NEP.
Since the sign of Cancer rules the pancreas we can begin to see a picture of inherited disease perhaps triggered by viral infection at age three.

Why did the child became ill? What was the cause?
The child experienced a powerful post-natal Solar Eclipse on Jul 21, 1990 in Cancer.
In females, when eclipse moon conjuncts Sun in the anaretic, 29th degree, we can expect
to see long-lasting damage to those internal organs in Cancer's body region; stomach and pancreas. The Cancer stellium opposes eclipse URA / NEP / SAT. 
Patients born with a common (mutable) sign on ascendant are highly susceptible to mental suggestion. Ascendant Lord; JUP, though dignified in Cancer, is debilitated by a cardinal T-square. Here lunar aspects take on critical importance as the prime significator of disease.

Since both natal and eclipse moon rule the stomach & disposits JUP the reason for the child's diabetic condition becomes more evident. JUP conjunct Chiron squared by Mars is an affliction of the digestive system. Damage of the pancreatic ducts is indicated - insulin cannot be secreted properly. In genetic research viral infection is suspected as the trigger for diabetes.

At first glance TAU moon has three easing aspects to Sat/ Nep/ Jup making it seem worth investigating the possibility of controlling her diabetes with a medically prescribed diet (to a minor degree). As stated, in diabetes, the pancreas cannot secret the proper amount of insulin.
It is said a strict diet can sometimes reduce one's dependence on insulin. I repeat this with much caution however. There are strong chart indicators  against the success of any remedial medical action.

Mercury in Gemini in 6th
MER opposite ASC says an Md. may disagree with or have little faith in dietary control. Difficulty here is the Dr's liability. Stop the insulin and the child can slip into a diabetic coma = lawsuit.
MER in a common (mutable) sign says the child suffers from nervous tension & places worry in her stomach region. This mutability & worry overloads the digestive tract.

Cautions & Corroboration: Two Yods
Mercury & Pluto are the focus of the "finger of God" fated-to-be aspect (two inconjuncts joined by a sextile). This means the endocrine system, of which the pancreas is a major part, is unstable.
Apex Pluto Rx in Scorpio says the urinary process may have been damaged prematurely.
This judgment may not be apparent or manifest until age 30+.
Sun sesquisquare Pluto Rx is an aspect of chronic irritation & says her condition is long-lasting.

With Mars in Aries T- squaring 2 opposing planets in Cardinal signs; JUP / CAP and NEP Rx / CAN we see a medical condition of such magnitude that management is a severe challenge even to an experienced Md. This is not a fatal assessment however. Venus trine Saturn Rx in the 2nd house says the child will endeavor to please the parent by learning and by using glucose testing procedure. When diabetics receive proper insulin treatment and care they can have longer and productive lives.

Psychological Health
Neptune rules the 4th house of home & family. When NEP in Capricorn is opposite JUP in Cancer one expects a deep insecurity to exist. As a parent, keeping the child happy, safe and free from unnecessary domestic upset (Jup in Cancer afflicted) will go far toward stabilizing her psyche and improving her overall health. Long term the chart speaks more of medical management than of miracle cure.


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Below is the subject's post-natal Solar Eclipse horoscope of July 21, 1990
Note the Cancer stellium occurs in the Libra seventh house which also rules the kidneys. 


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