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What Happened to Capt. Robert F. Scott? : Astrology research page with charts and history
History: Scott's Expeditions to South Pole: Accurate history of his journeys with images
Fixed Stars & Their Effects: Why are some people so lucky?
Chiron & Friends : Zane Stein's marvelous site about Chiron
Page 2 of Scott's Epic Journey with links: Details his personal health: astrology's view
History of Antarctic Expeditions : Details of Expeditions- Shackleton, Scott, Amundsen
Juvenile Diabetes: Medical Astrology Review:

What Really Happened?

Have you ever watched those TV shows promising to deliver the goods on 'so and so', an accident, a tragedy, a huge event- only to wonder afterwards and say- "So! Is That It!?" The producers often seem leave something vital out, like...WHY IT HAPPENED. This site is dedicated to using astrology to explore the mysterious Hows and Whys of astral events, strange disappearances, great discoveries, births, deaths, accidents, battles, mishaps of all sorts. You're invited to 'click away' on the links and to discover for yourself... what really happened. You don't have to be an astrologer to enjoy this site! ROB

Links to Astro-Research & History Pages

Astro-Research in Action: Serious Medical Astrologers Wanted
B. Jackson's Titanic Site ... its Huge!: Worth viewing, takes time to load.