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Isn't It Time You Discovered ...?

What Happened to Capt. Robert F. Scott? : Astrology research page with charts and history
History of USAAF 351st Bomb Group - WWII My Step-Dad a real hero
What Happened to the Challenger : Article on the failed launch on Jan. 28, 1986
History: Scott's Expeditions to South Pole: Accurate history of his journeys with images
Fixed Stars & Their Effects: Why are some people so lucky?
Chiron & Friends : Zane Stein's marvelous site about Chiron
Page 2 of Scott's Epic Journey with links:

Scott's Health Midpoints: Man Behind The Hero
History of Antarctic Expeditions : Details of Expeditions- Shackleton, Scott, Amundsen

Birthchart of the US NAVY The Natal Chart

LINKS to ALL PAGES Astrology Feast

Books on Polar Exploration at Discount

What Really Happened?

Have you ever watched those TV shows promising to deliver the goods on 'so and so', an accident, a tragedy, a huge event- only to wonder afterwards and say- "So! Is That It!?" The producers often seem leave something vital out, like...WHY IT HAPPENED. What might have caused the event.... was it Fate? This site is dedicated to using Astrology to explore the mysterious Hows and Whys of astral events, strange disappearances, great discoveries, births, deaths, accidents, battles, mishaps of all sorts and sizes. Read about how RMS Titanic and Robert F. Scott are mysteriously linked .... You're invited to 'click away' on the links below and to discover for yourself... What Really Happened. You don't have to be an astrologer to enjoy this site! Other articles will include; JF Kennedy Jr., What Happened to Gen. Custer, Studio 54, The Great Flu Epidemic of 1918 and more health charts .... This Page Being updated. ROB

B. Jackson's Titanic Site ... its Huge!:Worth viewing, takes time to load.
Image: USS Cole natal chart Attack potentl, note Moon & USA's moon.

USS Cole Attack Charts Cole Event Chart and Midpoint Wheel

End of an era: MIR Station launched 2/20/86, See chart

RMS TITANIC journeys into history



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