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The Cole was on a goodwill mission to Yemen. On the morning of Oct. 12th the 9,000 ton
destroyer was moored to a fueling buoy in Aden harbor and was scheduled to depart soon afterwards.

Note the third of short trips Aries moon opposed by Zeus in the foreign journey 9th meaning "a devastating plan, a lightning event" final transformations in broad daylight. Moon here equates with military victims. Moon in a fire sign refers to aggression, death by fire and explosion, thus luna is mirroring essential Aries qualities at work.

Military 6th House ruler is Mercury in Scorpio square Uranus indicating a planned attack, extreme injury.

Open Enemies:
Ruler of "open enemy" 7th house, Moon in Aries, is posited in the 3rd house symbolizing death, purposeful injury and the deaths of the attackers by suicide.

The eighth's ruler is Sun in the public 10th square to Vulcanus in 7th.

A Transneptunian Midpoint 90 degree dial follows below the conventional event chart.

Event Natal Chart


MIDPOINTS: Mundane & Psychological Effects

"An enlarged and highly organized military plan, an effective attack, the
achievement of quick and devastating results, a novel and inventive approach"
Cooperative largese-
- Use of a large amount of capital to finance a rebel operation.
- Track the money and the perpetrators will be found.

"Hopeful projections of goodwill and power by those in charge, being lulled by illusions;
- basic and large fundamental errors" (Michael Munkasey)

Jupiter's (God's) Saving Grace
Had the Captain not ordered the crew to close all watertight hatches the Cole may have been lost.

MOON = HADES / Vulcanus is at exact orb (to the minute) at 9:45 am. This is an hour before the attack.

Midpoint 90 degree wheel

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