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What Do You Really Think of Your Job?
How satisfied are you with your job / position?

Purpose of this site and the Job Satisfaction Survey:
By answering a few brief survey questions we can help communicate your real desires & needs on the job to employers- anonymously and as a group of course. Rest assured absolutely no personal identifying info; user names, email addresses are neither collected, sold, used nor given to any employer(s) by this site.

What is used:
Statistical data; type of responses, percentages of plus or minus responses to certain survey questions & the total number of surveys collected. Focus on a particular need, job satisfaction or a group of needs is reported by percentage of responses. These survey results, minus the respondents name(s) are then forwarded to employer study groups and to individual employers and/or their agent(s). In this fashion employee needs as a class are identified and addressed. Whether or not your survey results in immediate employer action (or will result in any future action) is not known until the company and/ or its HR Department responds. This site takes no responsibility to communicate any individual's response to a particluar employer.


By clicking and responding to the Zoomerang Job Satisfaction Survey linked to this web page you affirm that your responses are accurate, and further, you hereby convenant that you will hold Sweatshop GruntsNGripes and Robert Needham, as a neutral third party, blameless and without fault for its use and dissemination. The authors of the survey named herein take no position nor accept any responsibility for any current, past or futere jobless claims, employer- employee suits or job actions for any survey respondent(s) or future employer contacts such as job applications. By clicking on this page you agree that no agency relationship has been created between you, your employer and the site author(s). Incomplete or survey responses of an obviously frivolous or defamatory nature will be declared null & void
and will be discarded.

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