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Below is the sky map at the exact South Pole on 29 MAR at 12:00 pm UTC Scott's last day (from his last journal entry). Captain Robert Falcon Scott b. 6 Jun 1868 Devonport, England at 8:39 am UT - author's rectification.

You will note *Achernar* 15 deg. Pisces is directly overhead- "risk of rapid endings". Mars conjuncts Pluto in Gem.- demise by starvation, co-ruler Mercury rules intestines. Mercury in Aries- signifying explorers, military men, a doctor, is squaring Uranus in Aquarius (air) indicating a violent storm raging. Jupiter 15 deg. Sag. is squared by Venus 12 deg. Pisces - extreme fatigue, weakness. Venus in Pisces becomes much beloved. Despite his injuries Scott wrote a packet of last letters describing the expedition's torments and his companion's heroic efforts before succumbing.


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 Below is the image of Robert Scott's Stars rising on the eastern horizon the same day at noon.

Images courtesy of Your Sky


On Scott's last day, 29 Mar 1912. Image is a 60 deg. view, 0 deg. declination, Right Ascension 9h 37m 56s- slightly ENE.

The eastern-most rising stars at noon are
*Kraz at 15 deg. Libra, *Denebola and *Alkes at 23 deg. Virgo, located in the Crater "bowl" constellation. These star's astrological significations match Scott's experiences during the race to the South Pole. *Kraz represents the ancient's "Great Storm Bird". Scott's party perished in a Great Storm which kept them "pinned down for ten days". The Cup can be seen as Scott's quest for honors by attempting to reach "the holy grail" of the South Pole first. Denebola's traditional meanings are, "honors, distress, natural disasters, catastrophes" (per Anthony Lewis, others). *Alkes 24 deg. Virgo - is present at the lowest edge of the Crater cluster. These astral influences were part and parcel of Scott's fate as foretold by his natal horoscope's Mercury square Jupiter; "getting lost, inability to complete one's journey" and Gemini Sun quindecile Saturn in Sagittarius, "the ability to decide - to exercise leadership". Natal sun conjunct *Rigel (exact orb) fitted his ship's captain role. *Rigel is called the "seafarer's star", it's significations include difficulty in navigation as well as fame. Thus on the last day *Rigel reprised its original appearance in the natal chart.

In Extremis

The Moon in Leo had risen earlier that morning and is close to the patron star of his birth *Regulus* thus it's natal signification's were eerily fulfilled in the manner and circumstances of his death; "honors, royal patronage, protection, a great fall". Moon squared Saturn. He was honored as a hero by his King and his nation.

Postscript- Influence of Alkes

"When rising the star indicates dedicated environmentalists whose love for rivers and streams lead them to be very protective regarding water resources. At a less intense level the native may become a landscape architect, a builder of canals, or in some other manner do business in merchandise connected with water". (Noonan) Quote from The Fixed Stars. This assessment is aptly prophetic. Since Scott's tragic death studying Antarctica has become the beacon of hope for environmentalists worldwide and mankind's new holy grail.

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