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of Antarctic Explorer Robert F. Scott R.N.

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Below is an image of Scott's natal stars present above his birthplace

Devonport, England Long. 50N22 Lat. 04W10 on 6 June 1868 at 8:39 am UTC


Personal Health Summary

Scott's personal health history before the 1911-12 Antarctic Expedition seems unremarkable by most accounts. His height: was 5' 9" with estimated weight at 160 lbs. He lived the life of a British ship Captain and died on his second expedition to the South Pole on or about March 29th 1912 while returning to base camp.

Immediate cause of death; was starvation, exposure and hypothermia.

Long term contributing cause was stress & malnutrition by written accounts, his expedition log.

Sun in Gemini sextile Neptune/Hygeia in Aries.

Physical vitality was moderately good, though he seemed unused to hard labor.

Being a seafarer fit his Neptune in Aries and corresponds to the presence of *RIGEL the seafaring star on the day of his birth. *Rigel was prominently in the astrological picture at the beginning and at the end.

He often described himself as "absent-minded". His Gemini mutable air sign mentality was changeable, readily influenced by his gullible Neptune. He changed his mind often without due reflection.

He, like others of his Aries generation, was filled with a sense of mission- to explore. Uranus square Jupiter reflected his penchant for adventure and "biting off more than he could chew." Uranus also rules storms, thus the natal square to Jupiter portended his encountering the mother of all Antartic gales during his final ten days.

Specific Health Aspects:

Hygeia in Aries- he was impatient with physical illness. Any illness would come on quickly and affect his thinking. Although his endurance was limited- "he drove his men to exhaustion."

Hygeia square Uranus in Cancer

Theory: His ability to digest and assimilate protein was curtailed by too much physical activity in March and protein was in short supply. Scott and his men suffered from chronic caloric and protein deficiency.

Full Moon square Chiron in Aries (29 deg. Pisces)

He had difficulty in remaining objective, understanding his feelings. Being so close to Pisces, his Chiron in the anaretic 29th deg. led to an over sensitivity to others, and his subconscious eagerness in becoming a willing sacrifical victim. This aspect reflects a callousness to physical suffering.

Example Injuries:

He suffered a strained Achilles tendon early in the 1911 polar march. Pisces rules the feet and Scott's Neptune was in Aries.

As a junior officer in England "Scott's ship ran aground", he got lost easily, used illogical reasoning and was a poor planner: Mercury sq. Jupiter [R. Huntford]

Psychological Injuries:

He was indecisive and apprehensive. Became overly worried over the crew's "cruelty to animals" which prevented him from making decisions regarding their proper use.

Mercury sqr. Jupiter (large animals). His animal transport failed him and died.

Yod to apex Venus

Highly sensitive to the expectations, and the ideas of others, he compared himself unfavorably. Overly attached to his mother.Venus occupies the 12th house of self-undoing. Venus in Cancer trine Chiron. Venus inconjunct Full Moon = unlucky.

Suffered from "bouts of melancholy", now termed clinical depression - Full Moon inconjunct Pluto.

Hygeia square Uranus in Cancer. Mercury in Cancer square Jupiter.

Neptune was in Cancer dwad = his Full moon's emotionalism.

Jealousy: He was jealous of others success, their accomplishments. Juno in Scorpio opposite Pluto in Taurus- both bodies are in fixed, stubborn signs. Full moon inconjunct Pluto.

Easily angered: Mercury conjunct Vulcan, both square Jupiter, increase in "mental fire", seen as touchy, temperamental. Agitated and obstinate in action even if proved wrong. Callous disregard of time and effort. Sagittarius Moon sesquisquare Mars.

Other explorers took heed of Scott's logistical mistakes and of his tragic end. His pioneering expedition with all its hardships and helped open the modern era of Antarctic exploration.


This is not to imply by critical analysis that RF Scott was in any way unworthy of admiration, both for his courage and his herculean effort. Indeed- he is one my lifelong heroes. Perhaps each of us wishes he could have taken part in such a spectacular adventure. RJN

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