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Astrology and Exploration Series
Captain Robert F. Scott 
Transneptunian Health Midpoints
A series of astrological metaphors


TNP Midpoint Listing  by 360 deg. dial
Orbs are held to 2 degrees except as noted *

** Health Midpoints also refers to planetary pictures of Scott's psychological health **

Hygeia    =  NEP   ^                    Uncertain health, foggy ideas on health matters.
Astraea   = MOON  m                  Outspoken, expansive desires, unwilling to let ideas go quietly
Hades     = JUP / SAT                  the dilemma of deteriation, love of ancients, buried hopes,
                                                        over-optimistic attitude of faith leads to neglect of own health

Admetos = MOON / Vulcanus            Stoppage of digestive system, upset stomach, anorexia, starvation
Admetos = Astraea  / Vulcanus         Feelings of loss, frustration, fast speech.

Zeus      = APOLLO / Vulcanus         Rapid expansion, burning up health reserves when taxed
Zeus      = VEN / VULCANUS           Love of the quick plan, the dash, last minute approvals

Cupido    = SUN / PLU                      "naive use of and waste of power, society's child holds control"
Cupido    = PLU / ZEUS                    "naive faith, rapid end to plans, death in the military family"
Cupido    = VEN / JUP                      "a family receives approbation, social benefits"
Cupido    = MOON / HADES           family and societal expectations based on materialism, ancient codes,
                                                            non-productive worry, emotional depression, malnutrition
Kronos =   SAT / HADES                  A "master who buries his expertise in doubt", a martyr, starvation 

MARS  =   PLU / VULCANUS          "a warrior's reckless haste causes rapid decay and death"
JUP      =   PLU / ADMETOS            Hope, ego stopped - attacked by hidden forces, "lack of plenty"

PLU     =   APOLLO / ADMETOS    "an unconscious death wish;
                                                             - health and vitality stopped by forces beyond one's control"
PLU     =   SUN / HYGEIA                 "rapid transformation of the ego-self by health matters"
NEPTUNE = HYGEIA                        Neptune in Aries "one's health quickly sacrificed"

Planetary Pictures by 90 degree dial

JUPITER  =  Zeus / Apollo       Quick health reactions, "the gods smile benevolently on plans",
                                                  "making it up as you go" a doctor close at hand.

Hades  =  Sun / Kronos         Attempted Mastery, a Shaman using technology, experiments
Hades  =  Mer / Admetos      Repressed thinking, need for deep focus, fear of limitations,
                                                 deliberate self-neglect

Kronos =  Sun / Mer               Skillful hands, good navigator, literally a captain on "a fateful transport"

Admetos = Jup / Apollo         lack of faith in medecine, medical understanding limited,
                                                 curtailed intake of healthy fats in the diet, malnutrition, ignorance

Apollo   =  Nep / Vulcanus     "technology that sinks" - the motorized sledges, a sudden storm
Astraea = Sun / Uranus         Outspoken, an eccentric, narcissistic? Belief in self. Instant fame.

Vulcanus = Sat / Nep             Compelled, great force applied when in trouble, demise via cold
                                                 "volcanic destruction by hidden ignorance"
Vulcanus = Nep / Cupido     "compelled by family pride and society to undertake a naive dream"

SUN  = Kronos / Admetos    "Ego-self and vitality involved in attempting to master many ideas"
                                                 "ego-self encounters limits due to lack of self-mastery"
                                                 "Fate steps in to halt the unaware / victim self"

MAR      = Moon / Kronos      Quick to fix blame, stubborn, "hot self-regard of leadership"
MOON   = Mercury / Zeus      Easily enthused over an idea, semi-obsessed, emotional leanings
                                                 towards prejudical favorites in developing plans, "The Puer takes over"

MER      = Mars / Admetos    mental abilities perhaps frustrated by blood flow problems in brain (?)
                                                 "one's hands suddenly tied", rapid depression, a stressed hot-head

MER     = Zeus / Apollo          "a soldier with quick, god-like thoughts, rapid expansion of plans"


* HADES Squares VULCANUS   "a priest of the future dead and buried by overwhelming force"
  3 deg. Orb

MOON Squares KRONOS      Feminine e.g. reactive emotions tempt fate. Natal full moon phase.
1 deg. 34" Orb

* SUN to ZEUS                         "one's divided ego-self involved in military planning"
Wide Conjuction:

* Copyright 2000 by Astro-Research Associates *
and Robert Needham. All rights reserved with the exception of brief
quotes from this article followed by their source and a page link


Uploaded Oct 23, 2000
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