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Horoscope of RMS Titanic's launch time

Omens & the Titanic's Launch

This is a horoscope of the Titanic's actual launch date & time according to her buider's printed announcement. As best as I can determine the chart's rising Virgo sign with Mercury ruling builder's tools and toolmakers in the preparatory 9th house seems to fit the occaision. Virgo also has associations with written promotion and advertising e.g. "PR".

A Quirky Fate?

Note watery Mars in Pisces squares Pluto in the 10th house denoting the tragic death, later that day, of a shipyard worker killed by a falling timber during the launch.

Eleventh House

Moon - victims, Venus -regard, Neptune- disappearnces; in Cancer oppose Uranus Rx @ 29 deg. Capricorn in the 5th house of creative enterprise & risk. Near station, retrograde Uranus is in it's anaretic 29th degree, ruling the 6th house of workers, methods and what is built.

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