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WWII  D-Day June 6, 1944
Dog Green Sector of
Omaha Beach, Normandy
Assualt Departure at 6:05 a.m. LMT

During World War II Company A of 116th Infantry, 29th Division, US Army from Bedford, Virginia [ Lat. 37N33" / Long. 079W53"] assaulted defending Field Marshall Erwin Rommel's German forces on a narrow beach in Normany, France.  Company A's brave heroes were drawn from a small town in rural Virgina before the fateful events of Pearl Harbor - all were volunteers. The 116th Infantry Regiment descends from the old Stonewallers, the "Blue & Gray" Brigade of Civil War fame first organized at Staunton, VA
November 3, 1741 to defend colonial settlers.

June 4, 1944  0715 to 0730 hours
In less than twenty minutes nineteen young men of Company A, the "Bedford Boys" lay dead, cut down by murderous fire from MG42 machine guns and snipers sited on cliffs above the beach.  Only a handful of the unit's half-drowned, wounded survivors went on to be rescued by a returning boat crew from LCA 910.  Thirty men from a Company B boat crew were wiped out as well most having been shot as they attempted to exit their boat.  Almost all the unit's officers were dead.  At first analysis Co. A's failed initial attack from the sea was a defeat for the Allies.  Why and how did this happen?

The following is a horoscope e.g. an horary chart of Company A's transfer from the Virginia National Guard into the regular US Army on Monday Feb. 3, 1941 at the Bedford, VA Armory at 10:11 a.m. EST.  Significantly, Aries "the Lord of Battle" is rising.  Although the exact swearing in time is speculative the resulting horoscope fits the horrific battle events of June 4, 1944 to a remarkable degree.  Event data is from "The Bedford Boys" ISBN 0-306-81167-7 by Alex Kershaw and US Army records.

Why be concerned with this particular horoscope?  After reading about Company A's June 4th Omaha Beach tragedy in Steven Ambrose's and other WWII history books and wondered how such carnage could happen to so many fine young men I decided to look into the unit's history.  By examining the time for the beginning of an enterprise and casting a chart of the transfer ceremony,
an astrologer may deduce its future success or its failure.  War of necessity is heavily dependent on proper planning and timely execution of those plans. War is also dependent on the transmission of timely intelligence.  What allied commanders and planners didn't know was devastating.  The 352 Division had been moved into the German defensive line.  Suffice to say in war mistakes are made.

Experienced astrologers will see the significations and portents of the action to come on June 4, 1944.  Of particular note is the placement of planets in the 1st and 4th houses and aspects for cusp rulers of the military 6th house and for the fateful 8th house.


I leave you to draw your own astrological conclusions after careful examination and consideration including the position of Neptune Rx "Lord of the Sea" in the 6th house.  Traditionally Neptune has had connotations of sacrifice, confusion and deception.  The planets in fixed Taurus in the chart's first house represent the victims in an event.  The 1st house is the 8th from the natural 6th house ruling the military.
As the National Guard transfer ceremony took place prior to the Declaration of War in December 1941 the first chart uses EST - Eastern Standard Time.

The D-Day Horoscope: An Upset
In the attack horoscope cast for Normandy, France on June 4, 1944 @ 0605 hours, [chart not shown] when LCA boats carrying the 116th Infantry began their 8 to 10 mile trip to the beachhead, we see variable 16 Gemini rising with a Scorpio moon in the 6th house opposing Mercury in the fixed sign of Taurus in the 12th house.  Taurus in the 12th house of undoing is an intercepted sign as is the military 6th house sign of Scorpio [death].  Additionally, the 12th is the 7th house from the natural 6th becoming the house of "open enemies" e.g. the Germans.  With Saturn in Gemini in the 1st house we see hesitation and delay taking hold of the defenders.
Thus the portents for allied victory are given for an upset [moon opposing Mercury and Venus, while squaring Mars and Pluto] as the Germans unexpectedly abandoned their defense of a section of the critical Omaha beachead leading to a crucial allied breakout.  When asked why they had fled axis prisoners of war replied they were scared by "seeing so many ships."  Why an upset?  Attacking forces v.s. defending forces. This means the chart is talking about force dispositions and fear.  Notice the natural 6th house's ruler of the US military, Venus is "on the defender's turf" and "in the air" e.g. there are allied forces "everywhere" [Gemini] continuing to land in Normandy via parachute [air sign].
The 116th had superb training and leadership.  It made the greatest effort to press the attack at Omaha beach with great courage.
In the final analysis the failure of allied support and foul weather almost lost the day.  Heroic effort wasn't enough.  Years later D-Day assessors would pinpoint allied bombs dropped too far inland, naval gunfire that went over the mark, loss of armor on the beaches, failed intelligence and lack of supporting fire as main contributors to the slaughter of Company A at Omaha Beach.  Over the next 48 hours as their strategic situation developed and stabilized the 116th Infantry took their objectives and won victory at Vierville earning an honored and proud place in WWII history.

Updated December 7, 2003