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 WhatHappened? Mystery Page                                
 Isn't it time you found out?
Fallen Star: A Tragic Company History                                 New Link Going In - Here
 Astro-history White Star Line                                     

 Captain RF Scott Health, Page 1 of 2 1                                   

 Captain RF Scott Health Page 2                                    T: Juvenile Diabetes Case Review
 Traditional Astrology
 Scott's TNP Health Midpoints Pg1                            Astro Diagnosis - Max Heindel
 A TNP Chart and Delineations                                       A pioneering effort: Medical Astrology

 Scott's TNP Health Midpoints Pg2                            Medicine-Ancient/Classical History
 A TNP Chart and Study Resource

 T: Scott's Natal Stars: Blue Map                               Lois Rodden's Astro Data Bank
 Star graphic for  6 June 1868                                          A great resource

                             Astrolabe Charts - Software, articles


Starting point Shackleton's Antarctic Expeditions A remarkable story of courage

  Astrology: Uranian, Cosmobiology, Midpoints           Astrologer - Author Noel Tyl's Site
N.Z. Astrologer Steve Lee's study guides

Female Melanoma 50% Disabled Chart          

Jupiter Health Effects Radiation: USA Today Article           

Charts of Events in US History  << TBA Link Under Construction
YourSky Star Viewer & Created Maps                       Astrology in WWII, Birth of US NAVY 
Star Maps, can be saved as a graphic