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     351st Bomb Group 
The B-17 in Pictures & Song
Photos and images courtesy USAF & OWI archives
Shoo Shoo Baby
named after a popular ww2 song
 Crew Chief preflights B-17
Bombardier position                                            351st BG in action over Germany

 Ball Turret Gunners had fewest casualties                        B-17 Forward Crew Positions
 B-17 had 5000 rounds of .50 cal. [12.7 mm] ammunition aboard
 Ammunition Capacity and Gun Positions, tail gun pic
 B-17 Bail Out exits
One of 12,000 B-17s undergoes final inspection - OWI
 Lt. Francis M. Needham DFC
8th Air Force
351st BG Polebrook
May 1943 - Sept. 1944
30 combat missions
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'Wing and a Prayer
Buy Buy Bonds
White Cliffs of Dover
When Lights Come On
Shoo Shoo Baby
Ella Fitgerald
Pearl Headline.gif
Little Brown Jug
Bugle Boy Co B
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